Academia Publishers accepts book proposals for single-authored, multi-authored, and edited works in most academic and scholarly research areas. We would be pleased to hear from you and review your proposal. We are open to submissions in (American) English, German, and French. AP accepts book manuscripts in all major fields of academic disciplines: Arts & Humanities, Social & Historical Analysis, and Natural Sciences & Technology (including Computer Sciences).

The digital revolution has dramatically transformed the dissemination of information over the past two decades. Entering the industry as a new startup gave us the opportunity to implement the latest technological tools so as to streamline the editing process and entire production workflow, as well as the distribution and circulation of our publications. Our publishing concept is quite simple and straight-forward, reducing costs for authors or institutions and guaranteeing a timelier publishing process compared with traditional academic presses.

Formats Accepted for Publication:
– Authored and Edited Monographs (MS Word DOCS; EPUB; Kindle)
– Multiauthor books (MS Word DOCS; EPUB; Kindle)
– Manuscript Series (MS Word DOCS; EPUB; Kindle; PDF)

Our Publication Formats:
– Printed book (Paperback)
– Adobe PDF E-book
– Kindle E-book
– Academic Journals (online only; both with paid access by subscription or single article download, or Open Access with Creative Commons Attribution–CC BY or CC BY-NC–license)

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