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At Academia Publishers we welcome journal editors, academic and research institutions, as well as scholarly interest groups and circles to publish their journals with us. Our journal publishing platform provides every involved party, be it the article author, a reviewer, the editor and/or copy-editor with all the latest tools for a painless and streamlined workflow. The platform removes the need for all those unsightly Post-Its on the editor’s monitor and facilitates a smooth publishing process.

Journal Editors: The simplicity or complexity of the publication process will be determined by each journal’s editor or subscribing institution. This is done by creating and assigning predefined ‘roles.’ For example, a journal might involve a handful of personnel (two main editors, a copy-editor, a design editor, and article reviewers), or it might be managed by just one person with the sole role of editor. It is a completely modular setup that can be adjusted by adding or removing roles at any time. The publishing process allows editors to automate as many tasks as possible, such as automated notifications, the submissions process, and deadline reminders for reviewers and others, while maintaining all the necessary steps—in the right order—of a professional publishing process. All this is accomplished while keeping the editor in the driver’s seat—able to overwrite any of the processes as needed.

Readers: Each journal will determine how readers will access articles. Journal publications can be made Open Access, access by subscription only, and/or access by payment for single articles (completely automated, connecting to the journal’s or institution’s PayPal account). Any mix of these options is possible. For example, a by-subscription journal could showcase one or several selected articles, designating them Open Access articles. Readers could read articles online or download them as PDFs. And while on a page of a specific article, a reader can select a particular citation style for referencing that article, say MLA, Harvard, or Chicago Manual of Style.

We are providing tools to have your journal articles indexed by Google Scholar, EBESCO, Scopus, Crossref, and others. No print editions at this time, but we are open to discuss such a project, if there is a demand.

SPECIAL OFFER: The first two journals at our new platform will be published almost free of charge (for only a minimal annual fee) and “for life” on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Please have a look at our three DEMO journals ( Each one of these DEMO journals uses a different design template. Publishing with AP, you are free to pick any of these three templates for your own scholarly journal. You will replace logos, headers, images, and deactivate or activate plugins at your discretion (e.g. you may blend in your Twitter tweets or decide against it) as long as you do so within one of these three design frameworks.

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